A Representative of Concerned Faculty to meet with the Board of Trustees in Beirut

A member of Concern Faculty will be meeting with the Board of Trustees in Beirut, Lebanon, on 22 October to discuss the Vote of No Confidence and the Faculty’s continued lack of confidence in the leadership in President English. Concerned Faculty continue to support their position that (1) President English be relieved of his duties, (2) Dr. Fayez be appointed acting President for a one-year period, and (3)¬† a Presidential Search Committee immediately be constituted to seek out a new President.


News of the Vote of No Confidence Appearing in the Press

News of the Vote of No Confidence in President Mark English is beginning to appear in the Afghan press:


Concerned Faculty believe that if Dr. Mark English remains President of AUAF, the damage to AUAF’s reputation could be irreparable.

President Mark English admits to Cheating at the Faculty Senate Meeting

On Wednesday, Oct. 14, President Mark English called an AUAF Faculty Senate meeting where he discussed the Vote of No Confidence. President English confirmed at the meeting that he committed the offense of cheating while a student at West Point Military Academy. In the academy, cheating is of the most egregious academic offenses. This admission confirms the position held by Concerned Faculty that President English has diminished moral authority to stamp out academic misconduct. A President with such a blemished record is a great risk to the reputation and mission of AUAF.

President English also mentioned at the meeting that the illegal docking of faculty salaries would be reversed. Many Concerned Faculty were deeply offended at this clear attempt at “bribery”. The Vote of No Confidence was not about salaries but rather centered around cheating, plagiarism, lack of academic accomplishment, financial mismanagement, autocratic style of decision-making, and arbitrarily disciplining Faculty.

Faculty-Wide Conference Call with Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees

Yesterday, (Oct. 11) at 8pm AFT, the entire full-time academic Faculty at AUAF was invited to speak to the Board regarding the Vote of No Confidence in the leadership of President Mark English. Twenty-nine (out of 33) Faculty members were in attendance.

Concerned Faculty reiterated its position:

  1. President English step aside while an independent investigation takes place
  2. The Board appoint a neutral third-party to conduct an impartial investigation since an investigation conducted by members of the Board may be viewed as biased
  3. The independent investigator report back to the Board in 30 days

The University has been contacted by the media regarding the present issue.

Resolution of No Confidence in Dr. Mark A. English

Dear AUAF Faculty members,

Please find attached below a Vote of No-Confidence Resolution, a cover letter explaining the circumstances that have necessitated this action and related documentary evidence.


Concerned Faculty



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